HaoSheng Lin

Fall 2020

Degree: MHS

Dissertation Title: Evaluating Herbicides for Postemergence Control of Common Weeds in Container Nursery Crops

Committee Chair: Dr. Joe Neal

Committee Chair Comments (Joe Neal)

HaoSheng completed his Masters of Horticultural Science degree in August 2020.  He came to NCSU by way of Texas A&M University where he majored in Agronomy and was a member of the undergraduate team to win 1st place in the Southern Weed Science Society‚Äôs collegiate weed science contest (a very competitive competition).  Here at NCSU he excelled in challenging coursework that included not only the usual statistics and agronomic classes, but also physics and biological engineering.  For his project he contributed to the advancement of automation systems for nursery crop weed management.  I wish him the greatest of success in his future endeavors.