Keegan O’Connell

  • Degree: Bachelor (Spring 2021)
  • Advisor: Ms. Julie Sherk


Advisor Comments (Julie Sherk)

Keegan is an intelligent and quick-witted student.  During class, he was open and eager to learn.  Once he learned a new skill, he took it and ran with it.  He has an innate ability for graphic communication and an insatiable curiosity.

Keegan “gets it done” and accomplishes at a high competency level.  When I needed a student to take the lead in laying out the spiral design in the class design/build project, he took responsibility and led his classmate to get the job done with much attention to detail.

Keegan’s passion and creativity was shown not only with his charming design proposals in class, but also in his tenacity to transition to the MLA program.  He took it upon himself to figure out how to get a start on his MLA experience while balancing the needs of his Horticultural Science degree.  Against many odds not the least of which was COVID (he was scheduled to do a study abroad summer of 2020, which was cancelled).  He did not let all the obstacles get in the way, and he stayed positive and was creative in redeveloping a successful academic path.

I will miss his tenacity, curiosity, creativity and determination.  It goes without saying that Keegan was a pleasure to have a student and as an advisee.  I look forward to hear about his bright future in our profession.