Marilu Salazar

  • Degree: Bachelor (Spring 2021)
  • Advisor: Dr. Helen Kraus
  • LinkedIn:

What was your degree(s) or focus?

My degree was a Bachelor’s in Horticultural Science with a focus on Plant Breeding and Biotech.

How are you planning to use your degree?

I am planning on using my degree to work in a research lab and contribute my knowledge and skills to that certain lab. I want to be a part of research that can make a difference in today’s society.

Whom do you want to thank?

I want to thank everyone in the horticulture department for being so welcoming. I was a transfer student and I switch my degree pathway after my first year and found the horticulture department. I would also like to thank Luke Owen for introducing me to the horticulture department. Luke Owen is a wonderful person and I truly believe he embodies what the horticulture department is about.

What is the best thing about studying horticulture at NC State?

The best thing about studying horticulture is how friendly the staff and students are within the department. Everyone knows each other and is very welcoming.

Do you have plans for after graduation? Are you currently working?

I am currently looking for work in the Raleigh area. I plan on taking a break from school for now and then returning to get my master’s at some point.

Advisor Comments (Helen Kraus)

Marilu has a warm smile and a caring heart. In class, she quietly learns and grows as a Horticulturist, excelling in all her courses. Marilu is another of our students that found Horticulture later in her college career. Boy, has she blossomed! She is passionate about plant breeding and the powerful tools used in biotechnology. Some beautiful, delicious, and nutritious plants are going to come from her future.