Paul Cockson

Fall 2020

Degree: MS

Dissertation Title: Exploration of the Impacts of Differing Fertility Concentrations on the Fertilizer Uptake and Biomass Production of Brassica carinata During Different Life-Stages

Advisors: Dr. Brian Whipker

How are you planning to use your degree?

I will be continuing my academic journey at the University of Kentucky pursuing a Ph.D.

Whom do you want to thank? My friends, family, and fellow graduate students!

Clubs and Activities

  • PAX
  • Agroecology Club


Committee Chair Comments (Dr. Brian Whipker)

Extraordinary Adventure

Paul’s journey through NC State as an undergrad and MS graduate student has been filled with new learning experiences and wonderful adventures.  He graduates with an impressive list of accomplishments from scientific publications to grower guides.  He has grown goji berries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, Ethiopian mustard, poinsettias, gloxinias, houseplants, and hemp. He also had the travel bug, going to Alaska, Istanbul, Turkey, Slovenia, and Milano.  And we can’t forget the lab visits of his favorite pooch Groot.  To more great adventures as you pursue your PhD at the University of Kentucky!