Joseph Whisnant

Spring 2020


Degree: Bachelor of Science

Concentration: General Horticulture

Minor: Agriculture Business Management

How are you planning to use your degree?

I plan on using my degree to explore the world of Horticulture and further my knowledge in plants and how to properly use them in different settings. I am starting out with a landscape company to see firsthand how plants flow together in a landscape and all the proper upkeep of them. Once I feel like I have obtained enough information, I will then go on and follow what path makes most sense to me at the time. The sky is the limit!

Whom do you want to thank?

I want to thank all the staff in the Horticulture department and especially my advisor, Helen Kraus! Helen helped me through a lot of challenges you face in a college setting and really helped with my transition from a small town to a large city and campus. If it was not for the dedication and willingness to help from all of the staff I wouldn’t have had such an incredible experience at NC State! They truly made the past 4 years the best years of my life so far!

What is the best thing about studying horticulture at NC State?

The exposure to current and past methods used in the industry and on top of that the amount of support shown by all the staff! These things really made the whole experience of studying at NC State very special! I will truly miss all the small moments of bonding with both professors and my fellow students!

Where are you currently working? Cedar Creek Landscaping

Advisor Comments (Helen Kraus):

Joseph is a warm, generous young man with a strong connection to the land and his family. He is a get to work kinda guy.  He doesn’t want to stand around and talk about things too much he just wants to get busy. He is passionate about growing plants and making the world better. Joseph’s quiet strength is his super power.  Watch out world!


Katie Whisnant:
Joseph is such a wonderful anomaly in this ever changing world. His passion for horticulture is unparalleled, his work ethic is inspiring, and his vision for nature is nothing short of amazing. I am so grateful to have had the joy of watching Joseph’s love for the outdoors grow over the years as his sister. From planting cloves in his hunting plots to drawing up ingenious landscaping designs, Joseph is dedicated and such a visionary from start to finish. As an NCSU Alum myself I can say with confidence that Joseph is walking out into the world as a wonderful representation of what it means to have the Strength of the Pack!

Donna Allen:
Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishment. My daughter is an alumni of NC State and so I know you do have the Strength of the Pack behind you. I pray that as you continue to move forward that you get everything you deserve and hope and pray for.

Owen Washam:
Congrats Joseph! I am happy we got to know each other over the past few years. Your passion for horticulture, the outdoors, and faith in God will get you anywhere. The sky is the limit as you said. Take care and good luck on your next chapter!

Lis Meyer (Hort Teaching Faculty)
Congrats Joseph! It was a pleasure having you in class and getting to know you. Don’t be a stranger–we all look forward to seeing you succeed as you enter the workforce!

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Joseph Whisnant