Natalie Perkins

Spring 2022

Advisor Comments (Dr. Julieta Sherk)


Ms. Natalie Perkins is a fantastic student!  She is compassionate, dedicated, talented, and she has always impressed me with her eagerness to go beyond in mastering new skills and applying her passion to her work.

As a landscape design concertation student, Natalie has been in many of my classes. I have had the pleasure of working with Natalie in my HS 252 Introduction to Landscape Graphics Communication, the HS 272 Design /Build Studio, the HS 418 Digital Media class, the HS 275 Floral Design class and the HS 357 Grading and drainage class.  She has excelled in these topics.

I witnessed her intelligence and quick wittedness, especially during the construction class. Natalie is easy to work with.  She is open to everything and has an innate interest in promoting natural and sustainable systems.  During the construction studio, she was able come up with the strong community design program, which she developed into a fascinating proposal for a sustainable arbor.  She created an appropriate well-grounded design that reflected the community’s values.  She then developed thoughtful construction documents that were well thought-out, and she used sound construction methods and materials in her details.

I was also able to see her ability to reflect on her work and to push for deeper, broader, and a more relevant development.  She has the skills necessary to produce polished work along with the ability to communicate her well-informed and compassionate ideas eloquently and deliberately. Moreover, she is very well liked by her peers and is supportive of her classmates – a pleasure to have in class.

In addition, Natalie developed an independent research study to design a meadow for the NCSU Compost Site.  She saw a need in that landscape, and she independently developed a design project to improve the landscapes.  She developed the inventory and analysis and through her precedent studies, she developed a designed that was well received, which will hopefully be implemented in near future.  Natalie proved to be very self-directed and organized with her work completion.

Natalie and her classmates showed tenacity, responsibility, and resilience in wearing their masks, keeping social distance, using hand sanitizer and emotionally navigating the stressful time, while continuing to learn and apply new concepts and supporting each other.

I am certain of her great success in her future career in the profession!

Natalie Perkins