Rachel Edwards

Spring 2020 (MS)


Degree: Master of Science

Thesis Title: Hydrology and Plant Response to Wood Products in Soilless Substrates

How are you planning to use your degree?

For now I plan to pursue a career in the cannabis industry and provide safe alternative medicine. I am also considering a career in extension or possibly pursuing a PhD at another university in a program focused on hemp/cannabis or horticultural therapy.

List clubs and activities while in school.

  • PAX horticulture honors fraternity
  • Horticulture Science Graduate Student Association
  • “Flourish” Horticultural Therapy through the NCSU counseling center drop in wellness events
  • TA for Elisabeth Meyers Plant Propagation fall 2019
  • NACTA abstract submission with Dr. Lori Snyder
  • Hemp seed research with Dr. Lori Snyder

Whom do you want to thank?

I want to thank Dr. Helen Kraus and Emily Anderson for the amazing experience of “Flourish” horticultural therapy program. Being a coordinator and planning activities to spread the love and therapeutic values of horticulture was immensely rewarding. I want to thank Dr. Lori Snyder for her mentorship, friendship and undying support during my experience here. I also want to thank Elisabeth Meyers for her mentorship through learning how to lecture, lead labs, and how to find myself as a teacher. Elisabeth Meyers is a great person that just radiates positivity and compassion to her students. Ricardo Hernandez was also a vital role model to me during my time here. Ricardo always knows how to make people laugh and smile, while also being a great listening ear and offers sound words of advice. I appreciate his encouragement through some of my toughest times. Diane Mayes is the last faculty I want to thank, but certainly not the least. Diane Mayes is the reason I came to NCSU, during my interview I saw the greenhouse conservatory and knew instantly that I wanted to be at this school. She is an incredibly caring soul that was always there for support when I needed it. She was always there with a solution to greenhouse problems, and always provided a listening ear with positive and supportive attitude. I am thankful for all the incredible people I encountered here at NCSU and for how they impacted me.

What is the best thing about studying horticulture at NC State?

Meeting people who will be life long friends and essential professional connections.
Flourish Horticultural therapy program
TA experience with Elisabeth Meyers
Conservatory of amazing plants managed by Diane Mayes

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-edwards-99120b156/


Lis Meyer (Hort Teaching Faculty)
Congrats Rachel!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work here with PAX and as my TA. Proud of you for all your hard work and perseverance, and I wish you the best in whatever you choose in your next adventure!

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Rachel Edwards