Xingyue Gong

Spring 2020 (MHS)


Degree: Master of Horticultural Science

Project Title: Screening of Tomato Lines for Late Blight Resistance

How are you planning to use your degree?

I plan on entering an Agricultural industry. I hope to integrate my statistical skills and research skills into the job I am interested in, for example, research associate, data analyst or statistician.

Whom do you want to thank?

First, my advisor – Dr. Dilip Panthee. He is really nice and considerate, especially that he could understand me even though I made mistakes and try to give me useful advice. My committee, Frank and Hudson, both offer me their time and thoughts, which inspired and encouraged me a lot.

What is the best thing about studying horticulture at NC State?

People is one of the best thing studying here. Peers, professors, staff, everyone I met here is warm and friendly.

Advisor Comments (Dilip R. Panthee):

Ms. Gong joined my program in the Fall of 2017. She earned double major – Horticultural Science and Statistics. She is very smart and very easy to get along with everyone. I wish her good luck in her future career!


Owen Washam:
Congratulations Xingyue! Good luck in your future endeavors.


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Xingyue Gong