Hannah Massengill

Hannah Massengill

Fall 2020

Degree: Bachelor 

Concentration: Production Systems and Entrepreneurship

Honors: Cum Laude

How are you planning to use your degree?

I plan to further my education and attend graduate school. After graduate school, I plan to use my degree to work in the horticulture field.

Clubs and Activities

  • Study Abroad

Whom do you want to thank?

I want to thank my parents and family. I want to thank my advisor Helen Kraus for guiding me through this journey and for helping me plan my future. I also want to thank all of the horticulture and NC State staff that has helped me along the way. I want to thank all of my professors for their guidance, passion, and teaching us, that anything is possible.

What is the best thing about studying horticulture at NC State?

The best part about studying horticulture is the environment. The horticulture staff makes you feel like family. Everyone is welcoming and knows everyone on a first name basis. The professors really care about their students and want them to succeed and they are always there to help.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hannah-massengill-198a461bb/

Advisor Comments (Helen Kraus):

Hannah is highly organized and focused. As her advisor, my job was to provide the answers – she definitely had the questions! As a transfer student, she only spent two years as a student at NC State. But what a transformation she made in herself! Hannah did not miss an opportunity to expand her horizons and experience new things. Hannah is ready to take on whatever challenge she chooses.