Ian Dalrymple

Fall 2020

Degree: Bachelor

Concentration: Landscape Design, Gardens & Urban Environments

How are you planning to use your degree?

Use it as proof of education in horticulture when applying for jobs in related fields.

Whom do you want to thank?

I want to thank my parents, as well as my Academic Advisor. My parents have supported me and helped me whenever they could which I’m truly grateful for. My college path would have been much rockier if my Advisor wasn’t there helping me figure things out.

What is the best thing about studying horticulture at NC State?

Getting to walk around near the end of my time on campus and having an appreciation for the work the groundskeeping crew puts into maintaining such a large campus that I didn’t have before.

Clubs and Activities

Horticulture Club

Do you have plans for after graduation? Are you currently working?

Not currently working, but there are a lot of landscaping companies and gardening centers in North Carolina to try working at.

Advisor Comments (Anne Spafford):

Don’t let Ian’s quietness fool you—he is always engaged, a deep thinker, a hard worker, and can be extremely creative. His landscape designs were always unique and resonated with clients we have had in class. Just when you think you have him figured out, he surprises you. I have greatly enjoyed (and will miss!) his wry sense of humor.  Best of luck to you in all you take on, Ian!